Flea Remedies tip 1

Here you first tip on Flea Remedies

Picture this . Your pet, Daisy dog or Miss Kitty the cat, has just come running through you home after being outside.  Carrying about 20 of her new found friends on her back.

Remember fleas lay about 50 days a day so before the days up your pet going to have about 1000 eggs laid on her. Now these eggs are not going to all stay on her back.

Has she runs and plays with the kids,  fleas eggs are going to fall off into your carpet by the hundreds. If you leave them there without doing anything there all going to hatch outlike crazy in a few days.

Then they’re going to start laying eggs! Now you see how this problem can grow so quickly without you really noticing it and you end up with a house full of  fleas.

Here is one thing you can do to help remedied this  problem. 

And probably the easiest and cheapest too! To combat fleas and by far one of the most effect I think.

That running the sweeper. Yes, you heard me right, running the sweeper.

Vacuum them up but make sure you empty the bag or cup outside in the trash as soon as your done. I always spray the trash with a pest killer too!

This can reduce you chances of having a real out of control problem.

Again this is one of the best and cheapest things you can do as far as flea remedies go.

It’s good thing, if you can run you sweeper a couple of times a day or more.  To suck up as many eggs as you can.

Later I’ll tell you about some products that can help you insure the remedy to any flea problems that might growing out of your carpet.



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