Flea Removal Starts In The Yard

Flea removal starts in the yard. It’s best if you can get the upper hand in the yard before the fleas start to hatch out.

Fleas will not live past 100 days in most cases, even on a host or pet. Without a host they can’t survive more than about 14 days, before they starve to death.

Now, on the other hand, the eggs can survive for years, if left untreated. That’s why it very important to start you flea removal process in the yard.

Did you know that the female flea that can lay upwards of 50 eggs a day in your yard, With That said you can see how your yard could be full of them just short time. Just waiting to hatch out.

While in the larvae stage they don’t need a host to feed upon, they spend a good deal of their time in a cocoon. While in the cocoon they don’t need any food during this time of there life cycle.

After reading the above information about fleas, I sure you  can see how your yard could become a breeding ground for them very easily .

This is why I suggest starting your flea removal process in your yard. It’s so import in winning the battle, It’s your front line of deference.

Now your saying, how can I do that? There are chemicals you can purchase that will kill fleas. You can  spray or spread them on your yard. Most are pretty easy to apply. You mix it up, according to the direction on the bottle or spread them on your yard using the amount suggested by the manufacturer.

It will tell you how much you need to use according to the size of your yard. Just mix it up in a pump spray bottle that you can carry around the yard or use a spreader for the graduated kind

These are usually pretty cheap to buy and can be used over and over again in treating your yard, year after year.

I will suggest you mark this sprayer, because if you spray plants with these chemicals that are left over, it could kill some plants. Or you could accidentally spray it on something you may eat and that would not be good.

Now spray chemicals may last 30, 60 or 90 days, depending on the manufacture or the products you have chosen the same with the graduated

Myself, I prefer the graduated kind. It can be  spread with your lawn spreader. They seem to last longer to me, than liquid brands. They are just as easy to use and easier to control where you are putting it too. you don’t have the wind blowing it back on you and other things you may wish to kept it away from.

In the future post I will tell you the products that I prefer to use and where you can get them. Also others you may wish to try. You can find some in the free Flea Removal guide that you can download here on the side bar.

So be watching.



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