Fleas On Dog, Big Problem

Fleas On Dog, Big Problem

Fleas on dog  can be a big problem, especially when they end up on you.  If you started a bit to late and the fleas have already gotten man’s best friend , or use to be?
You may need to take the follow steps most likely, to gain control again.

First,  I suggest washing them. This help remove some of your problem, as a lot of the eggs will be wash off by doing this.

It does need to be with a flea product, just a good shampoo will do. Do not use a real strong shampoo. it could dry there skin out and make then itch and scratch even more. Make sure you don’t get the water to hot or to cold or bath time may not be much fun for pooch

Here a good how to video by mike the how to guy

After your done with the bath and you gotten all you doggie kisses and dry him/her off. Wait 72 hours after you wash them to apply the Frontline that way the dog is totally dry and it will be absorbed into the skin properly.

Please don’t think more is better because you’ll either kill you dog or make him/her very, very sick. So, please do  follow your package direction very closely.

Dee, in the next video show us how to apply Frontline properly to your dog.

Make sure you keep it in places that he cannot lick.

After 72 hours after you have applied your frontline you can wash your dog if you should need too1
If your need some frontline you can pick some up here and have it ship to you



Frontline spray for Dogs

Frontline spray for Dogs

Merial Frontline Spray 500ML

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